Within the endless possibilities offered by the seventh art, the short film is perhaps the greatest synthesis of its potential, as it allows extreme boldness, experimentation and, above all, rebelliousness. In essence, the short format is a laboratory where film reinvents itself permanently.

With the rise of digital media, boundaries between cinema and visual arts became more pliant. What is meant for the movie theater? What is meant for the art gallery?

São Paulo International Short Film Festival has always offered a window into these bolder, less literal works, seeking dialogue between works of all genres. This year, these questions are addressed in a new program, which for the first time brings together Brazilian and foreign short films alongside the Brazilian Programs and the International and Latin American showcases; we call this selection LIMIT – a reference to Mário Peixoto’s film, a true watershed in our cinema in terms of exploring the visual possibilities, experimental techniques and rhythmic variations of the film.

In the first program - The Movement of Things - bodies, shapes, textures and spaces redefine flows and displacements, building new visual experiences. The second program, dedicated to iconoclasts, gathers films that revisit and redefine symbols and signs, breaking up concepts and traditions. Finally, Poetics of the Ordinary - an exercise in looking into everyday life, revealing particular impressions about a latent imaginary.