Happy Hour

Every day, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., in the lobby of the BNDES room of Cinemateca Brasileira, the Festival invites you to our happy hour, 1 hour of cultural activities and meetings. Check it out!
August 22nd [thu]SILKSCREEN AND STREET POSTER WITH AMARELO GRÁFICO'S TEAM The team responsible for the ambience of the Short Film Festival leads the printing of silkscreen and street posters with the art of the Festival. Bring your shirt and objects and take some of the Festival home!
August 23rd [fri]CINEMA OVER TIME: BOOKS' RELEASEMr. Babenco – “Solilóquio de dois sem um”, by Hector Babenco and Barbara Paz, Ed. Nós. Autographs’ session with the author and actress Bárbara Paz
Chronic Cinephilia: Comments on the invention Cinema, by Donny Correia
“Zilda Mayo para os íntimos”, from Zilda Mayo.
August 24th and 25th [sat and sun] - from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION STANDDuring the weekend, Cinemateca receives a stand of independent publishers, with the books' sale from various publishers.
August 25th [sun]RELEASE OF INDEPENDENT PUBLICATIONLaunch of the magazine from Paraíba “Expectação - Cinema Instantâneo”, by Tiago A. Neves, Ricardo Peres, Antonio Fargoni, Hipolito Lucena and Nivaldo Rodrigues, and of Minas Gerais’ book “Diversidade na Animação Brasileira”, by Sávio Leite.
August 27th [tue]ZINES AND FEMINIST BOOKSDivinas, by Mary CobraCartografias do Desapego, by Xulia DoxaguiMinúscula, by Julia LeiteWith Marina Melo's pocket show
During the Festival A pioneer of video art, Lúcia Avancini, who passed away last December, will receive a tribute during the Short Film Festival. Images of her works will be displayed on the monitor of the Petrobras Room at Cinemateca Brasileira, with works that show her performance in experimentation and appropriation of materials in their multiple plastic and visual possibilities.
After HoursThe Short Film Festival has prepared an unmissable schedule for those who want to stretch after the sessions in the cinemas.You can’t miss it!
August 23rd [fri] - 10 p.m.JAZZ AND BURLESQUE Present your credential on the door so as not to pay consummation.Cabaret da Cecília - Fortunato Street, 35 - Santa Cecilia
 August 24th [sat] - 7:30 p.m. - Cinemateca Brasileira18 YEARS OF KINOFORUM WORKSHOPS 
Celebration of the 18 years of the Kinoforum workshops. Free admission.
August 26th [mon]- 10:00 p.m. 
KINO NIGHTParty-free entrance, dancing night.Z Largo da Batata: Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, 724
August 29th [wed]- 10:00 p.m. DOMINATRIX
Ambient music and house attractionsPresent your credential on the door to have free admission.Dominatrix: Fernando de Albuquerque Street, 298
August 30th [fri] – 10 p.m.  – Cinemateca BrasileiraCLOSING PARTYAfter the award session, the traditional closing party of the Short Film Festival. Free admission.


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Seg Ter Qua Qui Sex Sab Dom
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