Brazil (SP) | 2016 | cor | 8 min

What would it be like to live without being completely you? Carlos has lived like this for all his life. At age 30, it does not work. Carlos never fit into Carla's routine. It goes beyond his real identity. Some people insist on not understanding. It doesn't matter. Carlos overflows.

Director: Vinicius Cesario

Screenplay: Mar Andrade

Producer: Clara Barbosa

Cinematographer: Leonardo Zvarick

Art Director: Sara Ferrari

Editor: Igor Pauzoca

Sound Editor: Marlon Ramos


Brazilian Programs


Thursday | 05:00 PM

Cine Olido | Av. São João, 473


Thursday | 05:00 PM

Centro Cultural São Paulo | R. Vergueiro, 1000


Friday | 07:00 PM

CINUSP | R. do Anfiteatro, 181, Favo 4, Colméia, Cidade Universitária