Brazil (RS) | 2019 | cor | 19 min

From the collection of clay to the baking - in wood ovens and open fires - this film follows the processes involved in the production of ceramics traditional to the South of Brazil. These skills flows from the hands of one of the last native ‘Guarani’ ceramics craftswomen of the region, Kerexu Jera Poty.

Director: Leonardo Remor, Denis Rodriguez

Screenplay: Claudia Zanatta

Producer: Leonardo Remor, Denis Rodriguez, Claudia Zanatta

Cinematographer: Leonardo Remor, Denis Rodriguez

Sound Designer: Augusto Stern, Fernando Efron

Editor: Germano de Oliveira

Sound Editor: Augusto Stern, Fernando Efron

Cast: Kerexu Jera Poty Kerexu Jera Poty

Production Company: None None, UFRGS

Contact: Leonardo Remor -


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Friday | 09:00 PM

Cinemateca Brasileira - sala BNDES | Lgo. Sen. Raul Cardoso, 207


Sunday | 07:00 PM

CineSESC | R. Augusta, 2075


Wednesday | 05:00 PM

Cine Olido | Av. São João, 473


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