Spain | 2019 | cor | 22 min

Barbara and Pol spent a few days on holiday with a group of friends in a house surrounded by nature. With the support of Pol, between tears and laughter, Barbara will heal old wounds and redefine her sexuality.

Director: Irene Moray

Screenplay: Irene Moray

Producer: Miriam Porté

Cinematographer: Irene Moray

Art Director: Marina Pérez

Soundtrack: Nico Roig

Sound Designer: Xavi Saucedo

Editor: Ana Pfaff

Sound Editor: Xavi Saucedo

Cast: Elena Martín, Max Grosse Majench

Production Company: fest@marvinwayne.com

Sales Agent: Josep Prim

Contact: Marvin&Wayne Short Film Distribution - fest@marvinwayne.com


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Thursday | 05:00 PM

Espaço Itaú de Cinema | R. Augusta, 1.470


Sunday | 08:00 PM

Museu da Imagem e do Som | Av. Europa, 158