Argentina, France | 2018 | cor | 25 min

Amelina grew up in a remote Patagonian location inside the caldera of an extinct supervolcano, rich in archaeological and paleontological remains. Her humble life passes by amidst her world-famous archaeological collection, her cats, her fish and her beloved rheas.

Director: Ruben Guzman

Screenplay: Helmut Corcoba

Producer: Sonia Paramo, Helmut Corcoba

Cinematographer: Ruben Guzman

Sound Designer: Ruben Guzman

Editor: Helmut Corcoba, Patrick Lauze

Cast: Amelina San Martin

Sales Agent: Ruben Guzman

Contact: Ruben Guzmán -


Latin American Showcase


Thursday | 07:00 PM

Espaço Itaú de Cinema | R. Augusta, 1.470


Sunday | 05:00 PM

Cinemateca Brasileira - sala BNDES | Lgo. Sen. Raul Cardoso, 207


Monday | 03:00 PM

Espaço Itaú de Cinema | R. Augusta, 1.470