Brazil (SP) | 2019 | cor | 9 min

The short film goes up the stairs of the Prestes Maia Building next to Madalena, a maid who lives in the occupation for years. Her journey brings encounters and reveals an intimate relationship with the home, the beauty of daily life and the hard decision to leave or stay.

Director: Gabriela Sallum

Screenplay: Fernanda Saes, Sabrina Oliveira

Producer: Pedro Santos, Andressa Pimentel

Cinematographer: Leticia Almeida, Pedro Oliveira

Art Director: Bruna Medina

Soundtrack: Você Diz - Cao Laru

Sound Recordist: Magno Gomes

Editor: Joice Martins

Sound Editor: Barbara Louise

Cast: Andréa Santana, Marisa Bezerra, Soraia dos Santos, Amanda dos Santos


Brazilian Programs > Mostra Brasil > Brazilian Showcase 9


Thursday | 05:00 PM

Centro Cultural São Paulo | R. Vergueiro, 1000


Sunday | 05:00 PM

CineSESC | R. Augusta, 2075


Wednesday | 07:00 PM

Cinemateca Brasileira - sala BNDES | Lgo. Sen. Raul Cardoso, 207